A note from Rara


This is, perhaps, long overdue.

“I just need some time before opening up his website again,” I said, thinking I meant a week or two, but it turns out I meant nearly six years. Even now, I do this through an absolute riot of tears, but at least, at least, I’m doing this.

Quickly, I will speak for us both, as I did so many times through our decade together. We want to say thank you. Thank you.

It doesn’t surprise me to know that, when faced with a seemingly sudden onslaught of bad health– with me being unavailable– he went here first to explain what was happening. For Grayson/Dave, art was a healing, even though, just this one time, it didn’t pull him through the storm.

So if you were part of his life, and thus part of his storytelling, if you looked at his art or bought his books or read his blog, you were part of the reason he lived at all.

And it was a good and kind life, and we are grateful for you.


A few other notes:

If you have pictures you’d like me to add here, please let me know.

Eventually I will add more art for sale and for show, and re-release some of his work. For now, there is only The Invisible Man Believes the News, which is currently showing through The Other Art Fair (April 2021), and t-shirts available through my Etsy. The proceeds for each of these go to various mutual aids that he supported, or would have supported. If you’d like transparency after your purchase, I am happy to provide it.

Any other questions can be directed to me at any time: rawra.avis@gmail.com or through my blog, Rarasaur.com, where, if you are interested, you can also follow along my journey of learning to live without him.