Horror Tropes

  1. Seeing someone/something in the mirror who isn’t there.
  2. Small spaces that go on forever, ie a hallway the goes to infinity.
  3. Ghost seeks revenge/truth exposed.
  4. Things happening or monsters that come only at a certain times
  5. Haunted house/prison/asylum
  6. Something watching while you sleep
  7. Creepy child/child’s voice
  8. One big, physically defeat-able monster
  9. Being hunted by psychopath
  10. Possession
  11. Isolation, ie lost/camping/left alone/trapped
  12. Cursed items
  13. Religion/cults
  14. The thing is right behind you but you can’t see it.
  15. Zombies, Vampires, Witches, Werewolf, Frankenstein monster, Aliens, Killer bugs, killer/mutant animal, killer virus, clowns, dolls
  16. Expectation of a sudden scare
  17. Electronic devices turning on and off
  18. Mental illness in a character
  19. No one believes the protagonist
  20. Poltergeist centered on a child
  21. Community secret, ie American Werewolf in London
  22. Ghost hunter, Vampire hunter, monster hunter, PI
  23. Evil infecting/ghost haunting a dysfunctional family
  24. Monster really is in closet or under bed
  25. Being targeted because of some secret reason
  26. Nightmares reveal what is happening in real life, ie alien probing
  27. Disfigurement, ie Human Centipede
  28. Scenes in the afterlife, recusing people in afterlife, coming to grips with existing in the afterlife
  29. A cursed lineage
  30. Psychics and mediums
  31. Technology vs. Supernatural
  32. End of days
  33. Coming back from the grave
  34. In the house of a serial killer
  35. Lunatic family of killers
  36. Playing with science to alter nature
  37. Helpful ghost
  38. Protagonist is the sacrifice
  39. Humans bringing creatures to earth via space/portal/summoning
  40. An underworld humans don’t know exists
  41. Coming back for revenge against a group they blame for their death

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