My Projects

All the projects I’m currently working on, have paused or intend to work on in the future, as of 2/15/13.

The Rose Series: A brooding artistic storyline that blends reality and the fantastical.

If Kisses Were Bullets/Orange Buffalo – Status: Finally Editorial, 78,900 typed words

Originally published in 2006 as If Kisses Were Bullets, we are currently re-editing and adding additional material for a limited edition self-published copy.  It’ll be re-titled Orange Buffalo.   The changes and extra appendix have been done for ages.  The holdup is the editorial process, we keep finding errors as if they’re breeding in the pages.


The Sequel – Status: Waiting for third draft, 72,152 typed words

The sequel to Orange Buffalo.  It was written years ago and is on the back log of things to re-work and edit.  The reason for the code name is that the title is awesome and I don’t want anyone to steal it.


Cult – Status: incomplete, 9,730 typed words

The third book in the Rose series.  There are only 9,000 concurrently typed words, but most of the book floats in a hodgepodge limbo.  Bits and pieces are scattered in various files.  I’m fairly confident I have about 50,000 words all together.  The book is queued until Orange Buffalo gets done or I get really, really dark and depressed.


Dwarf – Status: incomplete, 50,000 typed words

The fourth book in the Rose series.  This novel came into being before Cult and nearly at the same time as The Sequel.  It exists in a limbo as well, parts hanging out all over.  Of course that’s how Orange Buffalo was written so at least I’m keeping to tradition.


The Truth – Status: incomplete, 33 hand written pages and 10 typed pages of notes

The final book in the Orange Buffalo series.  Much like the entire series it’s based on actual events and people.  So to keep the thoughts and emotions true I started writing what I was living.  This may turn out to be one of the darkest books I’ve written.


Spin – Status: rewrite

These a character in the series for whom I wrote a screenplay (and a short story, see Annoying Organized Crime in Working in Watercolor.)  Every once in a while I look into turning it into a full length book.


The Hero Universe: My own little world filled with superheroes, wars and all those things you’d find in a comic book, now in literary format.

Katie, aka Project Katie – Status: Waiting for second draft, 1.5 of 4 books completed

If you know me or been following me, I’ve often referred to this as, my four part series.  Code named after the character who inspired the series.  Of course I’d barely call her the main character now.  The books were written several years ago and it was at the beginning of 2012 that I started going back over them.  At this point the first draft only bares a structural similarity to the second draft.  As of a few months ago I had completed my revision of book one and was in the middle of book two when I stopped.  I just plain got burned out.  The first book is at 73,900 typed words.  The second book is at 33,200 typed words (I usually write into a new file when doing new drafts).


Chess, aka Project Chess – Status: completed, 134,106 typed words

Now formally titled: The Ravens’ Table. I am currently working on sending this out to agents.  I have little doubt that it’ll get picked up.  A few characters from this book find their way into Katie and Nemesis.


Chess 2 & 3 – Status: concept

Somewhere in the middle of writing The Ravens’ Table I realized it needed to be a trilogy.  I have only an inkling of what the other two stories will be about.


Nemesis – Status: incomplete, 28 hand written pages

This one is going to be gory and vulgar.  I have an excellent feel for the main character, which is why I got about 10 pages in and had to jump to the second quarter of the book, where the character really shines.  The best thing is that the main character is based on someone I knew (and hated) so watching this vile creature move about the pages is a pleasure.  Like I mentioned above, there’s some cross over cameo’s from characters in Katie and Chess.


Inside – Status: concept

While working on the second draft of the Ravens’ Table I accidently set up a spin-off.  The idea and the characters are too good to let go of.


The Bird – Status: rewrite

I wrote a script for an action movie some time ago and recently realized that after a few modification it could fit into the universe.  It’s a project I foresee working on when I have nothing else to do.


The Empire series: A fantasy based world written in a modern style.  The story is filled with a lot of stereotypes and homages.

Fat Chance – Status: waiting for second draft, 51,950 typed words

This book has been sidelined since I planned on it being the first in a three or four book series.  I put the Katie series ahead of it since it was closer to completion.  Of course now that I see the word count it may need a little beefing up.


Slim Chance – Status: incomplete, 9,101 typed words

The sequel to Fat Chance.  It’s a complicated mess of a mystery.  Things got so complicated in fact that I want to write the entire series before saying it’s ready.  This book also had me wondering if I should make it a 4 book series instead of 3.


Last Chance – Status: concept

All I really know is what the story will be about.  But I am concerned that I won’t be able wrap up the storyline by the end or without making it an epic page count.


Possible Chance – Status: ?

May need to extend the series to a fourth book.


Working in Water Color – Status: waiting editorial

This is a short story collection that I painted watercolor images for.  We’ll probably do a self-publish thing for this and turn it into a sort of coffee table book.  It’s my wife’s idea and since I don’t have to apply much time to it I’ll go along.


Misc: All the other projects that aren’t link to any specific characters or series.

The Princess – Status 8 hand written pages

This idea has been roaming around my head for a while.  The story presents like vignettes with a princess at the center of each story.


The Horror – Status: concept, 6 hand written pages

There used to be ten hand written pages but I tore them up and started over.   I want to write a horror novel that is actually scary (I don’t think Stephen King or Clive Barker are.), I have a very clear idea of what I want from this book, I just don’t know how to execute it.  I’ve even redrafted the plot and story a couple of times.  This may hang as a concept for a while until I can find perfection.


Small Town – Status: concept, 11 hand written pages

Mostly I started work on this because I got burned out on the other novels.  I had thought the concept was strong but as I started to break down the plot I couldn’t see what the story was about.  It’ll have to sit until I can figure out what is wrong.


Persion – Status: concept, no pages

I used to have pages but I tossed them.  Then I tossed the storyline, wrote a new one, then threw that one out, wrote a new one, again and again.  I’m not sure if there’s a story anymore, jus some characters and a spaceship.


Sword – Status: Hiatus

Several years ago I sat down and created a planet, its history, social and political structure.  I even wrote two short stories under the concept, yet something is hold me back.  I think it’s the pressure of working with something on such a large scale.


Eternal – Status: Hiatus

I have one and a half short stories based on a few characters I developed.  I wanted to assemble these stories into a book but haven’t had the right inspiration to work on it.


Science – Status: procrastination

Every once in a while I try to work on a project with my wife.  Usually I get into some artistic haze and make it too serious.  This may or may not have happened with this short story series we were working on.  We have the characters and storylines but not a single typed word.


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