Post-Inspired: For the holidays, is a two month-long blog event.  It goes from November 1st to December 31st.

During the holiday season, WordPress and many other blog sites, lose massive amounts of traffic.  People stop posting, because people stop reading; but people stop coming because people stop posting.  It’s a frustrating downward spiral that neither side seems to be able to fix.  Well here is a little way to break the cycle.

PI is about reading other people’s blog posts and writing your own post about it.  Think of it as a long comment or an inspired thought.

I really started this with the intention that it would be something I’d do, but anyone is welcomed to try it out.  My rules are simple.  Read other people’s posts, write one of your own, reference the original post or post.  If you want to expand on it feel free, but the spirit is to show writers and readers that there is something happening during the holidays.  Also feel free to take the above image, it’s 600×600 at full resolution, you can shrink it.

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