Science Fiction Tropes

  1. Turning young/old
  2. All powerful being
  3. Body switch
  4. Forgetting/amnesia/mind wipe
  5. Time redo/”groundhogs day”
  6. Mistaking a sentient being for a bug/virus
  7. Possession/infection/parasite/”controlled by another entity”
  8. Trap with minimal life support
  9. Dumb/arrogant alien race
  10. War race
  11. Peace/spiritual race
  12. Wormholes
  13. Greedy race
  14. Infestation by bugs/virus, natural or computer
  15. Slingshot maneuver/”Flying around the sun to gain speed”
  16. An argument over what makes something sentient/have rights
  17. The ship is boarded and the crew outnumbered
  18. Lack of food/supplies
  19. The crew on down time
  20. Crew archetypes: Commander, medical, warrior, engineer, quirky genius/powerful
  21. Working with the enemy/con-man
  22. Stuck in a video game
  23. Aliens that feed on humans
  24. Hyper-advanced aliens that think humans are barbarians
  25. Character out of phase/alternate dimension/”No one can see or hear them”
  26. Old tech/tactics win vs new.
  27. The prisoner isn’t evil
  28. A prison island/planet
  29. Alternate timeline
  30. Perfect societies that aren’t
  31. Half human babies
  32. Forsaking heritage/path/clan/caste
  33. Enemy within/replaced with a robot/clone/shapeshifter
  34. References to a sport
  35. Alien beliefs that others don’t agree with culturally/morally
  36. Drunk/out of control crew member
  37. Someone interested in earth history collects artifacts/knows obscure information
  38. Trial/judgement by alien race/military tribunal
  39. Must rescue crew member/family member from a cult
  40. Stranded crew member settles in to live there forever
  41. Mad scientist
  42. Man eating plant
  43. Sudden change of command
  44. Artificial intelligence goes haywire

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