Drawing a Story

Or Comically Difficult (a continuation of a thought).

If you didn’t already know, I’ve been putting together a Batman fan-fiction comic book.  It’s consumed much of my time over the last several months, and in a way I regret ever starting it.  For no real reason other than the amount of work it takes to produce a single issue (about three weeks, at 5 hours a day).  Some days, I find myself avoiding working on the comic all together.

So why do it at all if it’s such a struggle?  To prove I can stick to a long term project?  Because artists enjoy torturing themselves?

It’s strange to find myself so involved in something like this.  I’ve mentioned before that I really don’t do fan-fiction.  See, I have this belief about fanaticism and idolization.  When you place something on that pedestal, you’re drawn towards replication, rather than originality.  You become obsessed with mimicking and holding to some imagined code of similarity.

batman example

lsg example


So I try not to become too much of a fan of anything.  Everything has its flaws, everything can be improved.  It’s this thought process that I think allowed me to start Lost Son of Gotham.  But has the creation of this comic book gone too far?  The time spent, the headaches and frustration.  And now I’m considering working on a full length graphic novel.

ap example 1

ap example 2


As you can see, I can’t keep myself from going too big.  The production value I intend for this graphic novel, far exceeds what I’ve done before.  Am I  burying myself too deep?  Is this too big of a project to accomplish in the time frame I want?  Because, this is intended as a prequel to the a novel that I want to release this winter.  Or am I adding another challenge to keep me occupied?  There’s no real reason it has to be released before the novel, not really… (I keep trying to tell myself that).


Regarding Fan-Fiction

For an artist like me, fan-fiction is a dangerous addiction.  I’m admittedly arrogant, so when I see my stories compared to the actual licensed ones, I think, of course mine is better.  I recently finished reading Superman: Red Son.  It was kind of poorly written.  The art was better than mine, but the story… not so much.

And then I start looking at all these other things I love.  All these characters and worlds that could do with my touch.  So I have to close my eyes for a second, take a breath and focus.

That is until I get an email from Amazon.  Did you know that own the license rights to several fictional worlds, and seek out fan-fiction?  Check it out here!

I’m seriously thinking about writing a GI Joe story, because if there’s one thing I know in and out, it’s the Joes.

thinking, ponder, ponderous, Archemides

A Busy Year

Its time for one of those updates.  Mostly because over the last couple of weeks,when Monday rolls around, I find myself panicking for something to post.  That’s how those survival post came about, I didn’t want to write anything.

Lately I’ve felt both overwhelmed and bored, running behind and on schedule.

The next issue of Lost Son of Gotham won’t be up until next week, a week later than the previous issues.  But at the same time I knew there would be a delay, and mentioned it already.  (More on this here!)

LSG work


Orange buffalo ran its time on KDP Select (A post about Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing), and as of Sunday is now free to move on to Smashwords.  I would like it up this week, but there’s some reformatting and error checking that needs to be done first.

orange buffalo TOC

I’m also down to the last ten pages of first round editing on a new novel.  I hope to have it out by winter of this year, of course editing can take forever, and that doesn’t include layout and design.  To make it more stressful I’m thinking I want to make a graphic novel prequel.  The problem being, I haven’t written a script and that it could potentially take me more than six months to complete the art, and I’ll still be working on Lost Son of Gotham.

the one

Meanwhile I accidentally invented two fake products, one real one and started formulating a thesis about social economics.  Thankfully I did my taxes months ago.

thinking, ponder, ponderous, Archemides

From Angel to Archangel

angel archangel

I was going to do another survival post, but it was too hot today.  So I’ll probably have it next week.  Instead, I’ve posted a project I was testing: Papermen (you may have seen similar things before, if you read my blog).  The intention was to make paper dolls out of comic book characters, playing off of their constant costume changes.  Angel/Archangel was a good test because, as you can see, he has survived a number of variations.