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Season’s End

With the TV season coming to an end, and everyone jumping on the speculation bandwagon, I thought I’d break out my own jump-to-conclusions mat.  So here is where I think the shows I watch are going, or where they should go if I was in control.

Also, have you noticed how people have stopped spoiler alerting?  In this day and age, with Hulu showing episodes a week later, and people binge watching, you’d think people would be more thoughtful.


After the creators revealed that they would have a major villain every season, and they codenamed the next villain Damian Dark, everyone jumped to the Damian Wayne conclusion (Bruce Wayne’s son, trained by Ra’s al Ghul).  An exciting thing to think, but jumping the gun a bit.  They seemed to ignore the obviously missing character of Talia al Ghul.  Sort of a clear message that they weren’t going to touch the Batman-verse.  In the Flash/Arrow crossover, they did drop the big hint that Oliver has a sun.  Since, they aren’t playing exactly by the DC universe, maybe they may mix the two ideas, and have Oliver’s son come in as the villain?  But they have also refrained from carrying a villain over from season to season.

So he is my wild guess.  With Roy Harper leaving the show, (I want to believe they’re moving him over to the new crossover show) Thea Queen will take over as Speedy.  And the new villain will be Jericho (Slade Wilson’s son.  So far they’ve stayed away from the Meta-physical and Meta-Human, but now that they’re playing with Flash, they may have to change their game.  Plus it brings back Wade Wilson, who was great.  But it’s a long shot because the storyline gets way confusing if you don’t bring in some Teen Titans… ?


For what amounts to a sort of simplistic show, they really are trying to mess with us.  When they introduced Eddie Thawn, nearly every comic geek went, “There’s the villain!”  But they’re really laying it out with Professor Well’s character, basically saying, “Here’s Professor Zoom.”  I had been wishfully hoping that he would end up being Max Lord, Rip Hunter (time travel companion of Booster Gold, queue new character intro), or even Vandall Savage.

Well, taking it all at face value, there isn’t many places they can go, or that I can say without major spoilers if you don’t read the comics.  I will venture that the big upcoming villain will be Gorilla Grodd, with the Professor Zoom plot slowly playing out.


I’ve heard this show best described as unsubtle.  It seems they took a look at Agents of Sheild and said, “Let’s do everything they aren’t.”  Which was throw in every major character they could.  It was only recently that they put in some new intrigue around Bruce Wayne, seeing as they can’t really ever solve his parents murder.  But they need to tie Gordon and Wayne together, and I really, really, really hope this is how they are going to do it:

See, what many people are forgetting is that Bruce Wayne originally started out as Robin, helping out Jim Gordon solve crimes.  This would bring the show up to a new level of awesome if they took this direction.  And seeing as how they aren’t afraid to play all the Batman-verse cards, there is no reason they wouldn’t.

Also, I very much expect to see a young Lucius Fox come in as an ally.

Agent Carter:

Somehow this show hooked me without me even knowing it.  For it’s first season, it clung heavily to its Captain America connection, but it need to strike out on its own to make it.  So how does a show that is pre-Superhero do it and not suffer as another Agents of Sheild?  Well, it could pick up on some of the early Marvel characters like the Human Torch or Namor, though they seem to be leaning towards spycraft rather than Super-Human.  Which means Hydra, or at least what was the early stages of Hydra.  Plus bringing in any Super-Human would downplay Peggy Carter’s awesomeness.  The only current solution is to bring in some pre-history references to characters like Black Widow, Bucky Barnes and Nick Fury.  Though, I think they’ll end up hanging on to the Stark storyline; maybe for too long.

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Every Monday I do laundry at the laundromat.

Yesterday was no different.  As I lugged my bag from the car to the washers, I watched a homeless man undress and shove his clothes into a machine.  I had seen him do this before, though was almost so distracted that I nearly missed the sound of sprinkling water.  When I looked down I saw two toddlers, a boy and a girl, the boy was peeing outside the door and onto the sidewalk.  He smiled and laughed, but I only glared back.  After they ran off, I waited to see if anyone had seen or cared; or maybe if there was a parent around.  Nothing.  Nothing, but a lot of angry thoughts floating through my head.

After I get my laundry squared away, I walked to the 7-11.  There’s a man outside, he’s always there leaning over the trash can.  He asks for change but doesn’t bother to look at me.  The words are grumbled out while he remains draped over the trash.  I never give him change, but plenty of other people do.  Mostly he spends the money on junk food and cheap cigars.

When I get my slurpee, I wait behind a handful of people buying beer and lottery tickets.  I pay, say thank you to the cashier, and hold open the door for an old man while a lady in a wheelchair asks me for change.  She’s always there too.

On the walk back to the laundromat, I wonder about the state of the world.


Today, driving home from work, I saw a boy on a skateboard.  He was crossing the street in front of me when he suddenly stopped.  He turned back to help push a man in a wheelchair.

Sometimes when looking up from the bottom its hard to see the good with all the bad trampling over you.

Sitting in my car and watching this kid, I had a moment of insight.  I really wished that I could have stepped out of my car and give him something.  Perhaps I’m not in the best time and place in my life, but next time I get a chance, I’ll take a ten dollar bill and write #givegood.  I’ll put it in my wallet and save it for another day when I see someone do something good.  To show myself and the world that things are often better than what we see day to day.

thinking, ponder, ponderous, Archemides

Man, Woman, Author

A few weeks ago, while I was at the library I came across a book.  The Night Gwen Stacy Died by Sarah Bruni.  The title alone was enough to entice me (Gwen Stacy being Spider-Man’s first girlfriend), and admittedly I only glanced at the back-cover-blurb.  Well, I attempted to read the book, getting about 2/3rds of the way in.  To be polite I’ll leave my actual opinion of the book out, but I will say it had very little to do with Spider-Man or the Marvel-verse.

The book did spark a question?  Do I dislike female authors?  Am I gender biased?  In the world of gender equality, is their authorship equality?

The first time I realized that I found female authors difficult to read was during a fantasy novel.  There were two male protagonists, brothers, who amidst the larger story began to have an incestual relationship.  Whoa!  Hold your horses!  What?!  Yes, they began getting it on, and boy did that come from nowhere.  I actually looked at the cover, because I hadn’t really thought of the author’s gender, until then.  Still stunned, I read her author bio.  And I began to think of every book I’ve read that was written by a female.  And of those, which ones I liked.  The number was somewhere in the range of 3.

So why don’t I like books written by women?  Is it because I like manly thinks, like wrestling bears and sipping from flaming bottles of whiskey?  Is it because I can’t identify with some of the ideas laid out by women authors?

Well, here’s a short list of things female authors do that put me right off:

  1. The period.  This is totally sexist.  I know a period is a common place thing in a woman’s life, and so why wouldn’t it come up.  But as a male, it’s probably something I will never comprehend.  And when I read it in a book… skip.  The gravity of this event in a woman’s life will never translate to the male’s mind.  But that only matters if you’re attempting to maintain a male and female readership.
  2. The Fantasy.  When the female protagonist breaks into some internalized thought process of how their perfect life would be, or relationship, or job, etc.  I’m pretty sure this does happen in the female mind, but as far as reading it in a book…  to a guy it just comes off as daft and fickle, because inevitably the come to learn that they didn’t want what they were wishing for.
  3. Male characters, and or repeating fallacies.  This is perhaps something where male and female authors are on the same ground.  It’s the worst thing to read a male character do something that an average male wouldn’t.  The third wall comes tumbling down.
  4. Over focusing on relationships and the ‘what does he/she think of me’ diatribe.
  5. The obligatory, someone stumbled on my/came by and I’m wearing something ugly, and my hair is a mess, and I don’t have any makeup on.

But these are only a few things.

To place myself in a position of arrogance, I feel if I was given a blind test, I could read the difference between a male and female writer.  How about you?  I have a feeling that female writers and readers have a similar opinion about male authors.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, in a comment or a post (really, I’m interested).  Do male authors do a terrible job of writing women?  Do men have men do the same things?  Maybe it’s only men who struggle with books written by women?

And men, am I being stupid or do you agree?


Now I’m 35

Slowly but surely, over the last several months I’ve been getting old.  So, now that I’m 35 years old these are my new realities.

  1. I work with a 21-year-old, who in my mind I call a kid.
  2. Sometimes the kid at work will jump on a cart and roll around the concrete floors.  I imagine him falling and then think to myself, “He’s going to give me a heart attack.”
  3. Growing facial hair is no longer hip or edgy, it just means I forgot to shave.
  4. It’s a good assumption that if I’m tired in the morning, it’s because I didn’t get to bed by 10, not that I was up till 4.
  5. Alcohol is purchased for often to relax than wind up and party.
  6. I look at high school kids and pretty much shake my head at everything about them.
  7. I also mistake high schoolers for middle schoolers.  College kids for high schoolers.  Etc, etc.
  8. And finally, often when I see kids doing or talking about something, I think, “When I was your age…”

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