About me:

Grayson Queen is a full-time novelist and painter located out of Orange County, California. His artistic passions range from deeply philosophical to unusual science fiction and fantasy.

In his free time, Grayson dabbles with music, sculpture, and various explorations of geek culture. He is happily married to a dinosaur, and is happily owned by two amazing cats.

About this blog:
I talk about how my life revolves around art, literature, and writing– and how they intertwine.


Reviews, interviews,  collaborations, anthologies, magazines and everything.  If you’re a blogger, business or just someone with a site, if you review books, talk about art or any of the genres I write in; feel free to ask for… well, whatever you need and I’ll see if I can help you out if time permits.  No one is too small or too big. Currently we are only able to provide free ebooks for reviewers.

To commission artwork, to request permissions on short stories, or for other inquiries:


13681 Newport Avenue
Suite 8 – 346
Tustin, CA 92780


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  1. I am instigating an insurrection within the matticus kingdom by stealing nominees for previous awards (at least the ones I like) and nominating them myself for an “Inspiring Blogger” award. To contribute to my cause and join the revolution, you will find your marching orders here –


    Thank you in advance for your support and keep up the good blogging.



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